Tankwa Tented Camp

Where "nothingness" is our biggest claim to fame

Due to the remote location of Tankwa, the best way to contact us is by WhatsApp.
Manager on: +239 985 3590
email: tankwatentedcamp@gmail.com
GPS: -32°.20 / 19°.43

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Tankwa Tented Camp

What to do at Tankwa Tented Camp

As Tankwa Tented Camp is right in the centre of perhaps the most desolate and the dryest part of our beautiful country, you must expect that things to do here is not exactly the same as when in the city.

This is not only the ultimate location away from everything, you can also enjoy activities like:
• Birding
• Stargazing (you may actually manage to pick one from the sky here)
• and off course, you can enjoy the wildflowers (July to September, depending on rainfall)
• or visit the adjoining Tankwa National Park where various mammal species, like the Cape Mountain Zebra can be found (entry fees payable)
• various 4x4 or bike day-drives to interesting sites can be made

For those looking for more action, we have
• a 32km Enduro track (loop) right here on the farm
• various outrides, from a 200km half-day route to more adventurous routes - details at camp

Or come and enjoy a spectacular view and sundowner on the nearby hill (dressed to a tie compulsory - ties available at the camp) or a quiet evening at the Onverklaar Bar.

Tankwa tented camp
Tankwa Tented Camp
Tankwa Artscape